Please fill out the following attached online form so that we can learn about your project and get the basic facts. In order to begin the process, we must learn the scope and range of the type of project that you seek to get funded.

The primary terms may vary with some Funding Programs requiring some type of Client Asset Commitment and/or an Up-Front Fee. In some cases certain special projects may be funded 100% with No Up-Front Fees.

To begin, please fill out the following "Online Project Information Form", and hit the "Submit" button. We will email you our Non-Circumvent, Non-Disclosure & Finders Fee Agreement within 48 hours upon receipt of your completed "Online Project Information Form". 

In order for us to move forward, you must sign and initial our PG Consulting Group Non-Circumvent / Non Disclosure / Finders Fee Agreement upon receipt. Next, in order for us to submit your project for funding and to qualify your project with our source(s), you must provide us with the following information. 

We will need you to provide us your Complete Request for Funding Package(s) containing the following information for each project that you submit;

1) Our NCND / Fee Agreement signed by an authorized Company Administrator.

2) An Official Project Business Plan containing a complete Budget, Financial Projections, Pro Forma, etc in either Word Doc or PDF File Format.

3) An Executive Summary describing your project with the last page signed by the Main Principal (per project). If you want, we can provide you with an "Executive Summary Template" upon your request. An Executive Summary, must be provided each time, per deal that you submit.

4) We will need your "Executive Summary" to be emailed back to PG Consulting Group at; [email protected] in WORD format.

Once we have the above information in its totality, we will then submit your project to one or more of our associates who will only accept a complete package as per the above four requirements having been completed. They will accept no bundled projects, just individual projects only.

Once having received a complete package, we will immediately submit your package to one or more of our Funding Sources for review. It may take roughly 2 to 4 weeks or less for a source to make a final decision. 

Formal introductions to the Funding Source will be made only after completing all 4 steps and an actual "Project Approval" is confirmed by one of our Funding Sources.

If you believe you have a project that qualifies for funding, please fill out the following form and submit your plan to PG Consulting Group for review.


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Privacy Policy: The information that we collect on line is used to determine the full scope of services that we may be able to provide for your project and is not shared with other businesses or organizations for commercial purposes. With respect to cookies: We do not set or program any cookies nor do we provide site visitors with access to any information that we collect about a project or that we maintain for our records about your project.

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