PG Consulting Group is a very gifted Network of business men and women who have business relationships with some of the finest and most qualified Financial Developers, Business Banking Specialists, Builders, Architects, Engineers, Green Technicians, Project Managers and Marketing Consultants in the world.

Our main Goal and Objective as a supplemental marketing arm of the Financial Services and Corporate Development Industry is to identify qualified projects and then refer such qualified projects, clients and associates to our PG Consulting Group's Network of industry specialist who may decide to fund such projects.  

Our primary corporate founders have over 50 combined years of Corporate Banking experience and have provided quality service in the fields of Business Banking and Capital Management throughout their professional careers within the Financial Industries. Our corporate founders have identified our niche market with the goal to fill the void between "Great Projects & Great Funding Sources."

PG Consulting Group's founders banking experience is coupled with a proven and long-standing history, passion and commitment to the Humanities. We believe that working with associates who prioritize the Humanities will bring us all closer to a more productive and prosperous society. We now invite the world to join us in our commitment to advocate economic growth in order to help repower the economy, create new jobs, promote capital initiatives and help sustain the Humanities.

Our Network also works to provide referrals for hard to fund projects that may involve high-end Green Tech Projects, Wind and Solar Farms, Automotive Plants, Global Media Technology, Telecommunications, Internet, Television and Film. 

When you're in need of reliable Financial Consultants and/or established and reputable Capital Partners, Investment Bankers, Corporate Lawyers, Mortgage Lenders, Accountants and "All the Above", let PG Consulting Group see if we can match your project up with one of our PG Consulting Group Network Resources. We can help expedite development and refer any project in need of such services.

PG Consulting Group believes that quality project referrals, wise investments and smart capital management are important keys to not only main-stream business success but are also integral to the success of empowering the Humanities. 

We refer proven world-class financial consulting, business banking solutions and capital management services regardless of the scale of your project or the scope of your vision. As far as our resources are concerned, the BIGGER the better. 

PG Consulting Group is able to refer our associates to qualified High-Level Capital Procurement Referrals, Licensed Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Private Investor Pools, Investment Banking Referrals and Capital Management Service Referrals on behalf of any Public, Private, Governmental, Industrial, Commercial and/or Residential Urban Community Development Plan.

Whether you want to create or modernize an Upscale Housing Community, preserve an Old Historical District, design and build-out a major Mixed-Use Land Development Project, or Build a Brand New Theme Park, PG Consulting Group can refer access to all the capital management services you will need.

What is the Range and Scope of Services that We Provide  

We work with experienced people in all financial industry-related areas and trades in order to ensure that your project, (once qualified) may possibly be fully funded and can successfully enter the market place. The following list summarizes the range and scope of our PG Consulting HNWI Clients Referral Services: 

- Corporate Development Services

- Financial Development Referrals

- Business Banking Referrals 

- Mortgage Lending Referrals 

- Legal & Accounting Referrals

- Marketing Consultant Referrals

How Do I Get My Project Started With PG Consulting?

Just take a few minutes to fill out our on-line "Project Information Form" HERE. Then submit the form in order to educate us about your project or development. A PG Consultant Group Representative will contact you within 72 hours to discuss your needs and whether or not we can be of any help and/or of any service to you.

DISCLAIMER: PG Consulting Group is NOT a United States Securities Dealer, Licensed Investment Broker, Licensed Investment Bank, United States Investment Adviser or a Licensed Banking Service. PG Consulting Group is an Industry Network of Business Advisers, Financial Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Banking Advisers, Legal Advisers and Corporate Developers that offer a range of consulting and development services of which may include business referrals to our strategic partners on behalf of our associates, colleagues or clients. This website and any-and-all PG Consulting Group downloads and documents authored by PG Consulting Group that may be contained herein, created by and/or that may originate from this site are for purposes of demonstration, information, knowledge and understanding only and should never be considered a guarantee of funding or considered a financial solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon viewing this website, all viewers, do hereby acknowledge this Warning and Disclaimer and do hereby hold harmless PG Consulting Group from any claims of non-performance if a submitted project business plan or proposal for funding request does not get funded by a PG referral source.

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