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Our Founders Vision, Our Background, Our Business Model & What We Do

PG Consulting Group understands that there is strength in numbers and recognized a long time ago that no man is an island. Our founding members "Treasure Owens", Founder, President & CEO & "Don Thornton" Co-Founder & Sr. VP set out to establish a "Business Industry Network" of qualified Funding Sources, Financial Consultants, Banking Advisers, Investment Brokers, Corporate Lawyers and Accountants to insure that we can refer our clients and associates to quality "Business & Financial Services".

By way of our "Financial Services Industry Network Referrals" we can assist, consult and at times advise our clients on working towards the goal of getting their low-range, mid-range and high-end projects, funded, off the ground and in the market place. Our PG Consulting Group Founding Partners business associates, strategic partners and business industry network has allowed for us to identify and work with multiple funding sources of who are available for project reviews, legal referrals, investment possibilities and project funding consideration. Fill out our "Project Registration Form" and "Get Started" HERE.

As with any reputable funding referral source, We Do Not Guarantee Funding nor do we provide any in-house funding services or any in-house capital management services. PG Consulting is not a Licensed Brokerage Firm, Private Investor or an Investment Bank. We do however have a rock solid Network of such funding services and business service providers that we can refer to your project that may qualify for the funding requirements of our PG Consulting Group Financial & Business Industry Associates.

Simply put, PG Consulting Group's Mission is to "Help Prime the Pump & Open the Floodgates of Commerce". To work towards this Mission we have formulated our business to identify quality projects and assist owners of these quality projects in getting such projects that are capable of creating new jobs properly funded. Our Vision is to help support all efforts to nurture the economy to increased levels of health, prosperity and well being. Programs like ours are designed to create innovative alternative systems to help grow and stabilize National and Global Economies.

PG Consulting Group invites potential clients to submit your Business Plan(s) for the possible funding of your investment offers and projects. These projects must be capable of preferably generating hundreds and even thousands of new sustainable jobs in order to qualify for most Funding Programs provided by our PG Consulting Group Associates Financial Development Programs. Our "Network of Funding Sources" are totally committed to two primary objectives which are to help provide the economic fuel to (1) "Help Power the Engines of Economic Growth" and to (2) "Help Create New Sustainable Jobs".

The net results of such a unified commitment will be a strong and steady increase in New Jobs Creation and employment that will result in a measurable decrease in unemployment. Together we can all "Help Stimulate and Grow the Global Economy", "Help Keep America Working" and commit our greatest economic development and philanthropic resources toward "The Greater Good of Society" for all cultures worldwide.

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DISCLAIMER: PG Consulting Group is NOT a United States Securities Dealer, Licensed Investment Broker, Licensed Investment Bank, United States Investment Adviser or a Licensed Banking Service. PG Consulting Group is an Industry Network of Business Advisers, Financial Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Banking Advisers, Legal Advisers and Corporate Developers that offer a range of consulting and development services of which may include business referrals to our strategic partners on behalf of our associates, colleagues or clients. This website and any-and-all PG Consulting Group downloads and documents authored by PG Consulting Group that may be contained herein, created by and/or that may originate from this site are for purposes of demonstration, information, knowledge and understanding only and should never be considered a guarantee of funding or considered a financial solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon viewing this website, all viewers, do hereby acknowledge this Warning and Disclaimer and do hereby hold harmless PG Consulting Group from any claims of non-performance if a submitted project business plan or proposal for funding request does not get funded by a PG referral source.

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