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Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to peruse our website. Our PG Consulting Group is a Global Network Consortium of Financial Specialists in the fields of Economic Development, Capital Management, Global Business Banking Solutions along with Legal & Accounting Referral Partners. We refer your project to quality world class expert funding sources in a concentrated effort to get your project professionally funded.

We are associates of a global network of very accomplished funding sources who are managing substantial volumes of revenue. Some are funding projects costing $1million, to $20million on up to $200million while some are seeking qualified projects in the $1billion dollar range and up. They prefer to fund clients that can pay back a loan or fund projects that have the potential for good returns on their investments. They also like projects that can create new sustainable jobs for America and throughout the Global Market as well.

As you know, the biggest challenge in putting together a quality high-level project is having the true capital resources and the wherewithal to actually get your quality high-level project funded. Great multi-million dollar projects can fester in the marketplace for years and even decades without ever seeing the light of day for lack of quality funding.

We believe that we can help you not only get your quality project(s) possibly funded, but we also believe that we can help you increase and improve your overall ability to manage your wealth through our strategic partners and associates. The success of a project large or small depends on wise capital management and quality financial control systems.

We are here, at your service and ready to do our best to help get your high-level project reviewed and funded (if it qualifies) while working with some of the absolute best most qualified Business Advisors, Financial Consultants, Investment Banks, Land Developers, Mortgage Lenders, Project Managers, Accountants and Attorneys in the world.

PG Consulting Group provides you with an extraordinary opportunity to participate in our circle of HNW resources and possibly get your high-end project funded. On top of that, we can help you to "Grow Your Money, Manage Your Money & Protect Your Money".

We simply require that you sign, date and initial our NCND and provide us with a copy of your "Complete Business Plan" and we will submit your project to our funding source(s) with no up-front fees from PGCG. However, some sources that we introduce you to may possibly require an upfront fee that is a part of "their" particular funding program(s).

If you believe that you have a quality project that may qualify for funding, please fill out our confidential "Project Information Form" to begin the process HERE.

DISCLAIMER: PG Consulting Group is NOT a United States Securities Dealer, Licensed Investment Broker, Licensed Investment Bank, United States Investment Adviser or a Licensed Banking Service. PG Consulting Group is an Industry Network of Business Advisers, Financial Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Banking Advisers, Legal Advisers and Corporate Developers that offer a range of consulting and development services of which may include business referrals to our strategic partners on behalf of our associates, colleagues or clients. This website and any-and-all PG Consulting Group downloads and documents authored by PG Consulting Group that may be contained herein, created by and/or that may originate from this site are for purposes of demonstration, information, knowledge and understanding only and should never be considered a guarantee of funding or considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon viewing this website, all viewers, do hereby acknowledge this Warning and Disclaimer and do hereby hold harmless PG Consulting Group from any claims of non-performance if a submitted project business plan or proposal for funding request does not get funded by a PG referral source.

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